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Il silenzio della città fotografie Roma 1993 – 1997

A test and a proposal lie at the heart of this photographic project, which aims to regain from the chaos of routine an impalpable time that can lend qualities to certain places and situations taken from reality – normal reality, not exceptional events or specific places but life going on, evenings like any other – interrupting the tumultuous flow of the city to make room for potential harmony, achieved by valorising the urban environment and the situations that emerge from it; a harmony inseparable from the recovery of an aesthetic sense that, for the author, lies at the base of a better quality of life, and which these images evoke by means of a style expressed in the rhythm we give ourselves, an action that pleases us, a slower and more attentive gaze: that of photography.

English – French – Italian – Spanish

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Bruno Di Benedetto was born in Rome in 1950. He completed his studies in 1975 with a degree in Architecture. His passion for photography began as a student in 1972, and later led him to explore theoretical aspects and fine-tune techniques in order to become a professional photographer. His fields of interest range from landscapes to images of artworks and architecture. Di Benedetto has worked for various bodies and institutions, including the Municipality of Rome, Poste Italiane, Ericsson, Legambiente with the Salvalarte” campaign etc. In 1991 he took part in a landscape photography workshop led by Gabriele Basilico and related to the DATAR mission, at Studio Marangoni in Florence. He taught at the Scuola Romana di Fotografia from 2003 to 2014. In 2005 he created the photographic event “Fotogenesi”, based on camera obscura techniques and presented as a stage show at Teatro Agorà in Rome the same year, and repeated on other occasions.