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Al cinema con l’architetto – vol. III

This is the third volume in the series Al cinema con l’architetto. Film visti e commentati da Ghisi Grütter,. I wanted to develop the updates – more or less annual – to various reviews, creating a kind of ‘box set’ which also contained comments from different academics. In this third volume I have added a foreword by Grazia Attili, Emeritus Professor of Social Psychology at La Sapienza University, Rome, and an afterword by Donatella Barazzetti, Professor of Sociology at the University of Calabria.

My interest in film goes back to the 60s and 70s, when there were few sources of visual information and our knowledge of cities was filtered by the cinema, becoming the almost exclusive prerogative of cinéphiles. At that time I realised that the more I saw of the city, the more I was interested in film. It is only recently – thanks to the interaction made possible by the internet – that I’ve started writing my comments on a few websites. The possibility of commenting as an audience member encouraged me to share reflections, thoughts and impressions of films, as I was seeing them. In this latest book I’ve brought together reviews of the films I’ve seen since October 2017. The choice of films presented here is therefore far from being exhaustive, and mainly reflects my own tastes.


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Ghisi Grütter

is an architect and associate professor at the Department of Architecture of Roma Tre University. She teaches “Techniques of representation, perception and visual communication” on the master’s course in Architectural Planning. She is the Department’s spokesperson for the ADI – Association for Industrial Design. She carried out research on behalf of the CNR at the Technische Universität of Vienna in 1983. She was involved in the 3rd and 4th Festival International du Film d’Architecture, d’Urbanisme et Environment de Bordeaux, 1987/90. She has held seminars at Malta School of Architecture and the Malta Art & Design Centre. She has also organised conferences on the relationships between architecture, city and film. She previously taught at the IUSA of Reggio Calabria, where she was also director of the Audiovisual Centre. The author of numerous books and articles, Grütter writes the Design and Image column of the online magazine “Ticonzero”. She also writes for the online journals “Donne e Altri” and “Trerighe, le notizie, i protagonisti”. Her publications include Architettura e rappresentazione. Alcune questioniRome 2015 (edited), Immagine aziendale e progettazione grafica, Rome 2011 and Disegno e immagine. Tra comunicazione e rappresentazioneRome 2006.