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The role of new technologies in contemporary architecture

The ethics of construction often coincide with sustainability and the application of rules and principles that can guide architectural practice towards a more attentive use of resources, lower environmental impact, more harmonious relations with the setting and greater attention on wellbeing and quality of life. But is it enough for ethics in architecture to coincide with a focus on environmental issues and compliance with legislation in this regard? This book sets out to examine the role of new digital technologies and the emergence of alternative solutions related to developments in contemporary scientific and philosophical thinking, in relation not only to linguistic and aesthetic decisions, but above all to the ethical implications of the effects these entail.

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Roberta Causarano is an architect and holds a PhD in Architecture, Theory and Projects. She has worked as a tutor and a researcher for workshops on Architectural Planning and courses on Contemporary Theories of Architectural Research at the Faculty of Architecture of La Sapienza University in Rome.

She examines theoretical aspects of the digital revolution in architecture, with a particular focus on the implications of new IT techniques for the design process, the subject of her doctoral thesis, which won the ETIC – Etica e Tecnologie dell’Informazione e della Comunicazione prize in 2013.