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The Cuban Hamlet

Tomas Milian returns to his beloved Havana, having left in 1956. Handsome, wealthy and unscrupulous, he gave up a leisured upper middle class existence to move to New York, following the footsteps of his hero, James Dean. While he was unexpectedly obtaining a place at the Actors Studio, Castro’s revolution was exploding in Cuba. So Tomas decided to embark on his own personal revolution, lived onscreen. He became an honorary Italian, working with Visconti and Bombolo, Antonioni and spaghetti westerns. Now, almost sixty years after his departure, he returns to Cuba for the first time. Wandering through Havana “in search of lost footsteps”, he goes into a long and hypnotic narrative in his lilting Hispanic tone, scattered with American slang and colourful asides. In a confession to a friendly gaze, he takes stock and mulls over memories, character-forming tragedies and lost loves. He appears to remove the final and most intimate mask.

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Giuseppe Sansonna was born in Asti on 7/7/77; he is a graduate of DAMS in Turin with a thesis on the cinema of Carmelo Bene, and from 2001 to 2005 he worked in the production of the Rai Tre programme “Fuori Orario” . Since 2009 he has edited the film column of Gianluca Nicoletti’s programme Melog, broadcast on Radio 24, and from the same date he has headed a scriptwriting workshop at DSM Mazzacurati in Corviale, for which he has made several short films with participants. In 2010 he made “Lo sceicco di Castellaneta”, a documentary about Rudolph Valentino. In 2011 Minimum Fax released “Il ritorno di Zeman”, a box set comprising his two documentaries about the novelesque Bohemian football trainer, and one of his books. The documentaries will also be broadcast on Sky, Rai Tre, Rai Italia and Rai 5. A writer and director with Rai Italia since 2013, in 2015 and 2016 Sansonna was among the writers of the Rai Tre programme Fuori Binario, a series of documentaries produced by Rai Italia about forgotten railways. In 2014 he travelled to Cuba to film “The Cuban Hamlet”, a portrait of Tomas Milian, which was broadcast on Rai Movie.