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La particella D’IO

[…] Why read or buy this collection of short stories, when there are so many wonderful stories available in any bookshop? Because they take flight before our eyes, twist in our guts and, when they’re finished, they leave us wanting more. These are small stories of everyday life, veiled with irony, seemingly simple and often delicate. But… and here we need a but and a long pause…. they all speak of life and death. Of how important things happen in the world and most of the time we pretend we don’t remember. And the stories do this with elegance, sometimes giving us a slap in the face, bringing us up against harsh, incontrovertible reality. But … another, even longer pause… they make us smile, sometimes laugh. By looking directly at the magic of reality and the absurdity of existence.


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Rosella Nobilia

Rosella Nobilia was born in Rome in 1953. Her classics studies were always accompanied by intense activity in the field of art as a consultant, instigator and coordinator of all the musical initiatives in the golden age of the Municipality of Rome between the late seventies and the mid eighties. She has published articles on the organisation of music in Italy and abroad, and organised large-scale events, including in the Sala Nervi and the cathedrals of Roma and Naples. Her radio broadcasts on classical and contemporary music were the start of a decades-long career as editorial director at B&W, whose vast catalogue includes contemporary artists and critical editions by artists from the past. She worked for 15 years at the Musica per Roma Foundation as head of institutional relations and curator of the “Cantando sotto la storia” festival, conceived and conducted by Gianni Borgna. She currently works at “Musicando Roma tutto l’anno”, in which she narrates her adventures, anecdotes and events from the time Rome was the world capital of culture, thanks to two great visionaries: the mayor Luigi Petroselli and the brilliant Councillor for Culture, Renato Nicolini.