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Una generazione fortunata

The book relates the events of the second half of the twentieth century through the author’s personal experiences. The result is a snapshot of a “fortunate generation” that was young at a time of economic wellbeing, when ideologies (political, social and artistic) played a cathartic role. During that period, political and feminist militancy and the role of the psychoanalyst contributed to the overturning of many taboos and the development of the self-awareness of the first peacetime generation. Post-modernism and the death of ideologies in the 80s and 90s, however, coincided with the deepening of a general malaise, which the author narrates with humour, alternating amusing anecdotes with intense tales of relationships. The story ends in 2000 when she appears to come back to life, like a phoenix from the ashes.


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Ghisi Grütter

Ghisi Grütter is an architect and Associate Professor of Design. She was part of the Architecture Department of Roma Tre University until 2019, teaching Techniques of Representation and Perception and Visual Communication on the masters degree in Architectural Planning. She previously taught at the Faculty of Architecture of Reggio Calabria University, where she was also director of the Audiovisual Centre. Her publications include the three-volume work Al cinema con l’architetto. Film visti e commentati da Ghisi Grütter,three volumes, Timía edizioni 2017/2019; Architettura e rappresentazione. Alcune questioni, Kappa 2015 (edited); Immagine aziendale e progettazione grafica, Kappa 2011; Disegno e immagine. Tra comunicazione e rappresentazioneKappa 2006. She currently writes a column in the online magazine “Ticonzero”, contributes to the micro-criticism section of “DeA, donne e altri” and collaborates with “Bookciak magazine”.