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Sulla composizione

This brief essay takes us to the heart of the creative process that leads to the birth of a musical work. A fascinating journey that begins with the figure of the composer through the ages (from the obligatory anonymity of the Medieval church to the role of the valued lackey, displayed to boost the prestige of the court), their recognition as artists and free thinkers, right up to little-known young composers who are newcomers to the art. The author also explores the creative process itself, seeking to explain to a non-specialist audience the significance of the instinctive phenomenon we call inspiration.

Clearly written and easy to read, this book helps to bridge the deep gap between the art of music and the public – young people in particular – with well-directed and pertinent reasoning.


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Andrea Balzani

Andrea Balzani was born in 1981 and began studying music at a very young age with the flautist Claudio Caponi. He later moved to the guitar, then keyboard and piano, studying under the maestros Mariano D’Amelio, Walter Fischetti and Carlo Dominici. He has been part of several pop/rock groups and worked on soundtracks for documentaries, advertisements and theatre productions. Over the years he developed an interest in experimental composition, taking numerous lessons and masterclasses on the subject. A versatile pianist, keyboard player and composer, his repertoire is largely geared to the search for new or unusual resonances, and the rediscovery and valorisation of little-known composers. His recordings include several releases both as a solo artist and in collaboration with others. He is currently studying composition with Alessandro Cusatelli, and is a founding member of of the Hildegard association.