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Scenari postpandemia

In addition to the terrible grief it brought – and continues to bring – by taking away so many of our loved ones, the Covid-19 pandemic has obviously led to reaction and reflection on potential future outcomes. This first volume of ÈUTOPIA from the International Series of Utopian Studies and Projects – brings together the writings of members of the scientific committee who were invited to explore possible post-pandemic scenarios. The wide variety of texts, accompanied by images and artworks, constitutes a documentary corpus on current events and an attempt to outline a potential hypothesis of behaviour, mostly linked to future strategies and approaches for building a different use of the landscape to come, in which cities, in all their various forms – metropolis, post-metropolis, globopolis – remain the greatest human testimony.

The ÈUtopia series, of which this is the first Notebook, aims to present to a wider audience the projects and theoretical constructs that take thinking beyond the narrow realm of the everyday and project it towards the future. So its pages will host works, solutions, designs, predictions and theories which are often the result of introverted and personal elaboration, but which have the privilege of offering the reader unfamiliar subject matter, acting – as though such understanding wished, as is reasonable to expect, to become reality, or often only to make the world a better place. “Utopia”, in the words of Eugenio Battisti, to whom the series is dedicated, “is an enormous game of chess with destiny, which should always be played from the start; it could be described as the design of designs, the great quest for novelty and concreteness, the engine that drives society to find the right solutions through repudiation of tradition and the courage to experiment”.


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Series editor

Marcello Sèstito is an architect and the author of numerous “books of notable conceptual importance and great impact on aesthetics”, according to Franco Purini, who describes him as an artist-scientist. His works include Alfabeti di architettura, Colonne stilate; Architetture Globali; Fata Morgana o la città riflessa; Immedesimazioni; Il Gorgo e la Rocca, tra Scilla e Cariddi territori della mente; Architettura Animale; Corpo e Architettura. He has spoken at conferences all over the world, most recently in Kunming, China and San Paolo, Brazil. His theoretical research and design work is split between Milan and Reggio Calabria, and all in collaboration with Antonella Pavia, whose life and home he shares. Since 1994 he has been a professor of Architectural Composition at the Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria. His research and designs are featured in leading sector journals, and focus on the relationship between art and architecture. Sèstito is interested in the myth, in all its various forms, and his work entails the continuous elaboration of mental structures, between syncretism and heteronomy, suitable for the configuration of new future scenarios.