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Psicopoli Novella

“Dream? The future? This is the definition given by those of you who assume the non-existent can be felt, in flagrant breach of the laws that govern your knowledge. But for us, the dream is reality in space and the continuity of existence. Nothing has lived or will live as it appears to you, but everything lives, everything is composition and decomposition of forces; everything is addition and multiplication of energies. All forms are represented in thought, which has no past, or present, or future, and which holds only an infinite variability of aggregation whose very degree limits or expands its educational or projective power” (Domenico Comba).


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Domenico Comba
Domenico Comba lived from the second half of the nineteenth century to the early decades of the twentieth; he was the author of several medical articles and a number of literary works. Under the pen name Domingo Mobac, he published Genio, Scienza ed Arte e il positivismo di Max Nordau (1901), the novella Psicopoli (1905), L’Epistola sermoneggiante alla società degli Apoti (1922) and Colloqui con un Lampione (1930).