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PONTE SILOGNO La giostra della vita

This tender contemporary story is set in the places that fascinated the author during holidays in Premia in the Antigorio-Formazza valley. As well as the story of his life, the protagonist narrates life in the Walser territory, taking us to a place of unique and special natural landscapes, villages that still show the signs of a culture – the Walser way of life – which is deeply rooted in the inhabitants of the valley, and towns whose traditions still inspire a healthy pride in being part of a centuries-old history. The protagonist returns to the valley after half a century in America, and we realise that the distance between the two is not so great when travelled with memories and an open, light heart.


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Carlo Andrea Colombo

was born in Milan in 1969. Having gained his classics high school diploma with top marks in 1988, he graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in Engineering with a specialism in energy. Alongside his professional career is his passion for writing short stories, some of which have been published in themed anthologies. Written in 2019, Ponte Silogno is his first novel. Hugely passionate about mountains and winter sports, Colombo lives and works in Milan.