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LA RICERCA fra ragione e sentimento

Doubt. Subjected to a word frequency analysis, the text of Adamo Maggini’s “Ricerca” would give us the exact incidence of the word “doubt”. It is the story of a young clergyman, assistant to an older parish priest who carries out the rituals and no longer asks why. However, the young man’s mind is crowded with questions. Questions about life and the meaning of things are systemic. They assail the conscience and touch the deepest places. This is no surprise for those familiar with the author: Maggini is a “Cartesian Christian”, a practising Catholic and a science enthusiast, who regards the human and the divine from inside the Church, knowing that outside it there are other views and other worlds.


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Adamo Maggini

was born in Rome in 1938. Because of the war, he lost his father at the age of ten. From his experiences during his troubled teenage years, mainly at boarding school, comes a deep need to find a sense to his life and a meaning to his suffering. Happily married since 1970, he recently celebrated 50 years of a marriage that has produced 4 children and 13 grandchildren. His wife led him to approach faith, which he considers a philosophical goal to aim for, in a constant quest to meet the needs of reason, but also of the heart.