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Browsing this book, which provides a concise yet effective summary of the work of Leonori Architetti in recent years, two levels of thought come to mind, different but obviously connected: one relating to the protagonists, the authors of the works, the people whose CVs, experience, training and family traditions breathe life into the studio; the other relates to the works themselves, their character, their quality, the style that informs the way they configure settings, spaces and architecture. Working as architects in the course or the continuation of a tradition is not a neutral condition; it entails specific choices, conduct and methods. Historically, families of architects have acted as integrated systems of artisan knowledge, entrepreneurial capacity and relational networks. Systems which have established organic relations with the environment in which they operate, and provided support for the individuals, helping them to internalise prevailing issues and shared values and in so doing ensuring a solid connection with clients. Inventario examines a selection of recent projects carried out by the studio between 2014 and 2019. Pragmatically, it only features projects that are completed and operating successfully.


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The Leonori Architetti studio was founded in 2014 from the professional collaboration of Tullio, Luca, Francesca and Mario and their desire to pool their experience, gained over the years. Tullio (1946-2018), graduated as an architect in 1970. From 1974 to 1988 he worked for Studio Passarelli, becoming a partner from 1989 to 2012. During this time he was involved with numerous projects, including low-cost and social housing, restorations of several historic buildings and ex novo projects for complex constructions. Luca (born 1951) graduated in architecture in 1975. From 1980 he worked in industrial design, graphics and interior architecture with the architects Laura De Lorenzo and Stefano Stefani as “Grafite design”. From 1990 until 2015 he was actively involved in teaching at the Quasar Institute in Rome, as head of industrial design courses. In the same period he also taught at the Ludovico Quaroni and Valle Giulia Faculties of Architecture. Francesca was born in 1983 and graduated in architecture from Roma Tre University in 2008. She worked at the ABDR studio on the project for the new Florence auditorium, among others. She has wide professional experience both in Italy and abroad, particularly as Project Manager for the construction of luxury clothing stores in China. Mario was born in 1987; after graduating in architecture in 2012 he became an assistant lecturer for Architectural Planning and Landscape courses at Roma Tre University. He later worked with several architecture studios in Rome.