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Chiave di basso

There are many methods of learning to read music in the treble clef, but little or nothing for the bass clef. The 50 exercises in this collection present a gradual, effective and in-depth method for mastering the key, an utterly essential skill for any musician.


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Andrea Balzani (born 1981) is a pianist and composer from Rome. A graduate in piano and chamber music from the Alfredo Casella conservatory in L’Aquila, he has released a number of albums and books (Il repertorio per pianoforte e chitarra, Edizioni Del Faro; Antica Grecia-Musica e Canti, Timía edizioni; Composizione musicale, Timía edizioni). Always passionate about research and musicology, Balzani educates in music history through the rediscovery and promotion of less-known composers, performing numerous masterclass concerts both as a soloist and as part of a chamber group. He is a teacher at several music schools in Rome, and is currently studying composition with the maestro Alessandro Cusatelli; he is also one of the founding members of the Hildegard music association. /