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Arte a 2 Learning Advanced

This book is a well-merited recognition of a scholar whose discourse has become understandable in various parts of the world, while still being made of “words” belonging to the most ancient Italian tradition. The book brings together Roberto Luciani’s contributions to the magazine 2 Learning Advanced, the outcome of a mish-mash of elements that together define the uniqueness and originality of the articles. Through these considerations, the reader can reconstruct the journey behind the execution and/or description of artworks that are striking and heartbreaking, able to cross boundaries and limits.

The magazine 2 Learning Advanced ( launched in 2020, and today is an established and significant part of the online publishing panorama both in Italy and abroad. The original subject matter effectively related mainly to science and engineering, but over the years new columns have been added, including Economy, Medicine, Food and Travel. A particular focus is on the world of literature and culture, with columns for Greek and Latin, Anecdotes and Aphorisms, Literature and Art.


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Roberto Luciani is one of Italy’s leading art critics and an expert in the restoration of monuments. He is the author of more than 600 articles published in national and foreign newspapers and magazines; more than 300 scientific papers published in exhibition catalogues and specialist journals; presentations and introductions to books; lectures at international conferences; and more than 70 books published by state institutions and major publishers, which are also translated and distributed overseas. With Timía Edizioni he has published La chiesa di San Policarpo e il parco degli acquedotti (2015), and coming soon is La scalinata di Trinità dei Monti restaurata (2020).